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21 Mar 2014
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Is It Time To Update Your Website?

We recently completed a redesign of, a site for a luxury beach home development on Vancouver Island. Their development is almost sold out, however their sales team felt that the time was right to overhaul the site to reflex their final sales strategies.

Signs your website might need an update…

Web updates can be a simple as a change of colour, or as complex as a complete design and restructuring. Not sure if your page needs updating? Try evaluating your website under these parameters:

1. Is your message being communicated clearly?
Five paragraphs of text describing your product or service may say a lot, but is anyone taking the time to read it? Organizing your content into a layout that’s easy to skim ensures that people quickly browsing your site won’t miss what’s important to them.

2. Is all the info on your website still relevant?
As your business changes, certain pieces of information may be less relevant, or you might want to bring one thing in particular to the forefront. When you want to communicate efficiently, the hierarchy of HOW information is presented is just as important as WHAT you are saying.

3. Can your website do more for your business?
As your business grows, it changes, so the website that was perfect four years ago may not fit your current needs as well. For example, would your business benefit from an online store, more photos, a news blog, or social media integration? Most importantly, do you know if it is optimized for search engines to find it?

4. Is it just time for a change?
Having an up to date website makes you appear more relevant and shows you’re on your game. This can be anything from new product shots, a new call to action, or just sprucing up the design. Like a new car, an updated look can help boost your own confidence and excitement.

So what happened with Qualicum Landing’s redesign?

After being briefed on their marketing needs, we evaluated their site and submitted a proposal for a completely new structure and design. Their location is beautiful, so we recommended emphasizing photos as equally as text (a picture says 1000 words!), brightening up the look to appear more airy and West Coast, and implementing changes in the back-end to make it more search engine friendly.

The end result is a scaled back site, with information distilled and simplified for clearer communication, and full of animated slideshow banners to add excitement and value. Check it out at


14 Oct 2013
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Pandora’s Vox and Espiritu Vocal Ensemble WordPress Website Refresh

Just like how a new colour of paint can change the look of a room, sometimes small, aesthetic changes to a website can completely refresh its look. The changes may be simple, but they can go a long way.

In 2011, we created a WordPress website for Pandora’s Vox and Espiritu Vocal Ensemble, two sibling choir groups from North Vancouver. One of the challenges with the design we did in 2011 was that we had a very limited amount of photographs to use in the layout. Now two years later, the groups have amassed a collection of beautiful images. They approached us to revamp the look of their website in order to showcase some of their photos, and on our recommendation, the overall colour scheme was also changed from a rich gold to a light, neutral silver, better fitting with the colours of the photos. While the functionality and structure of the site remains the same, the overall look has been tweaked to create a refreshing new layout.

Pandora's Vox and Espiritu Vocal Ensemble Website Refresh

09 Sep 2013
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Welcome to our new website!

We encourage our clients to re-evaluate their websites every few years to make sure they are still meeting their needs, and as a business, we do the same thing ourselves. We found that our old site did not communicate as efficiently to our corporate clients as it did to our edgy and artistic clients, and as it was created when we started out, it didn’t reflect how much more we do and how much we’ve grown over the years!

This fancyy new site you’re seeing is actually made up of three parts- two WordPress websites and one landing page coded in good old fashioned html and CSS. The two WordPress sites look similar as they use the same structural template, but they have slightly different looks as we have implemented different colour schemes in each. Of course, the content of each side of the site is tailored to its audience as well. If you’ve ever wanted an example of just how flexible WordPress can be, this is a good one to look at. We’ve only changed accent colours and the typography of the headers, but stretch your imagination a little and think of how completely different they could look with different logos, backgrounds, fonts, and graphics.

We are very proud of our new site and are excited to share it with you!