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Case Study: Re-Branding & Marketing Rejuvenation

Step 1

Analyzing the Existing Brand

There are a myriad of reasons why a company may choose to re-brand, and the first step is determining why the company's existing brand is not meeting their objectives or speaking to their clients. From there, we figure out what adjustments could be made to meet the needs of the company and communicate more efficiently.

Re-Branding the Cannery

The Cannery is a seaside condominium development in Cowichan Bay on Vancouver Island. Its marketing team wanted to appeal to active people who want to take a step back from the rush of city life, yet still want to live in a upmarket, modern home. We determined that the original brand (below) reflected Cowichan Bay's vibrant lifestyle, but did not communicate the high end nature of the development. This informed its re-branding.

The original Cannery brand

Step 2


The first round of proofing shows the client three distinct directions for a logo based on the project outline. From this point, one of the proofs is decided upon by the client, and any necessary revisions are done to the design.

The Cannery's Initial Design

We kept a similar colour scheme and cursive typeface to tie in the new logo with the original brand, and worked on a motif alluding to the seaside. The developer ended up choosing the third option (below right) and did not require any revisions to be made to the proof.

Step 3

Finalizing the New Brand

Once a direction has been determined, other elements that correspond to the logo are now decided upon to create the full brand. This includes complementary design choices such as supporting typefaces and colours, determining how the brand will look on different backgrounds, and if required, a tagline or descriptor.

Result of The Cannery's Re-Branding

Below is the final brand for The Cannery, including a tagline, supporting typeface, and an option for a light background.

Final Cannery logos

Step 4

Implementing the New Brand

Once a brand has been finalized, any necessary design work can be done to create tangible and online materials for promotion and operations. Marketing packages can be created under the direction of a project marketer or business operator, and if needed, we are fully capable of recommending materials to fulfill your needs.

The Cannery's Initial Marketing Package

Below is the marketing package assembled for The Cannery, under the direction of Red Gun Marketing. After creating an initial run of basic marketing materials, we have continued to work with them on advertisements and any required updates to their designs and website.

Final Cannery marketing package