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Pandora’s Vox and Espiritu Vocal Ensemble WordPress Website Refresh

Just like how a new colour of paint can change the look of a room, sometimes small, aesthetic changes to a website can completely refresh its look. The changes may be simple, but they can go a long way.

In 2011, we created a WordPress website for Pandora’s Vox and Espiritu Vocal Ensemble, two sibling choir groups from North Vancouver. One of the challenges with the design we did in 2011 was that we had a very limited amount of photographs to use in the layout. Now two years later, the groups have amassed a collection of beautiful images. They approached us to revamp the look of their website in order to showcase some of their photos, and on our recommendation, the overall colour scheme was also changed from a rich gold to a light, neutral silver, better fitting with the colours of the photos. While the functionality and structure of the site remains the same, the overall look has been tweaked to create a refreshing new layout.

Pandora's Vox and Espiritu Vocal Ensemble Website Refresh

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