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16 Nov 2013
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Simple and straightforward gets the job done!

BLUE SHELL BLOGWe recently finished up a website for Blue Shell Laundry and Commercial Cleaning, a non-profit business in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside that employs and provides guidance to residents of the Rainier Hotel, helping them get back on their feet. As a growing non-profit with a limited budget, we were able to flexibly meet their need of a strong online presence by keeping their site simple, bold, and informative.

When creating a website, planning how you are presenting, organizing, and prioritizing information is the most important consideration.

Blue Shell’s site was created to function as an online brochure, and we paid special attention to every piece of the content- how it flows, what the headers say, and the tone . Nearly a third of the project was spent copy writing and editing. When users browse the web, they rarely stop to read paragraphs of text, and because we did not have any bells and whistles, special care was given to making headers and call outs as informative as possible. Aiming to make linguistic communication as efficient as visual communication is a top priority for any graphic and web designers who truly want their clients to stand out.

09 Sep 2013
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Welcome to the new site!

We finally got around to re-doing our website, and man does it ever feel good. We encourage our clients to re-evaluate their websites every few years to make sure they are still meeting their needs, and as a business, we do the same thing ourselves. We found that our old site did not communicate as efficiently to our corporate clients as it did to our edgy and artistic clients, and as it was created when we started out, it didn’t reflect how much more we do and how much we’ve grown over the years!

This fancy-dancy new site you’re seeing is actually made up of three parts- two WordPress websites and one landing page coded in good ol’ fashioned html and CSS. The two WordPress sites look similar as they use the same structural template, but they have slightly different looks as we have implemented different colour schemes in each. Of course, the content of each side of the site is tailored to its audience as well. If you’ve ever wanted an example of just how flexible WordPress can be, this is a good one to look at. We’ve only changed accent colours and the typography of the headers, but stretch your imagination a little and think of how completely different they could look with different logos, backgrounds, fonts, and graphics.

RIP old header graphic!Of course, the only think we’ll miss from our previous site is our old header graphic. Who doesn’t like cats shooting lasers out of their eyes?