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02 Oct 2013
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In-Store Marketing: Rum Club Passport

Nothing markets a small business better than word of mouth, and the best way to get people talking is to create a fun, unique experience for your patrons.

East Vancouver’s The Shameful Tiki Room is run by drink connoisseurs, for drink connoisseurs, so they created a Rum Club to encourage their regulars to sample different rums from around the world. We designed their Rum Club Passport, containing maps, a list of the 50 rums they can sample, and prices. When someone has gotten a stamp on all 50 rums, they are given a prize pack! Our client’s idea is brilliant because it gives their regular clients something new to experience and look forward to, and also thanks them for their patronage. We’re sure that everyone who has participated is hooked!

The Shameful Tiki Room Rum Club Passport