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02 Oct 2013
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In-Store Marketing: Rum Club Passport

Nothing markets a small business better than word of mouth, and the best way to get people talking is to create a fun, unique experience for your patrons.

East Vancouver’s The Shameful Tiki Room is run by drink connoisseurs, for drink connoisseurs, so they created a Rum Club to encourage their regulars to sample different rums from around the world. We designed their Rum Club Passport, containing maps, a list of the 50 rums they can sample, and prices. When someone has gotten a stamp on all 50 rums, they are given a prize pack! Our client’s idea is brilliant because it gives their regular clients something new to experience and look forward to, and also thanks them for their patronage. We’re sure that everyone who has participated is hooked!

The Shameful Tiki Room Rum Club Passport

19 Sep 2013
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Congratulations to The Emerald!

Super exciting! The Emerald, a new restaurant in Chinatown, is now open, as I’m stoked to show all the design work we’ve done for it! We have been hard at work getting all the design work ready for the grand opening, with still a little more to go as the restaurant gets moving and starting promotion. I’m so proud to do work for Rachel and David, the masterminds behind it.

Last night was the grand opening and it was beyond fun!  Lets just say they had an ice sculpture fountain that was peeing Jameson with a bartender next to it armed with plenty of shot glasses, and leave it at that.

05 Sep 2013
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Shameful Tiki Room in the press

Our super cool clients The Shameful Tiki Room got some well-deserved love on the travel website Jaunted. They are featured in a list of some of Main Street’s best and most unique eateries and lounges, and a photo of their exterior (and the logo we designed for them!) accompanies the article. Pretty rad! Congrats to Rod and all his staff at Shameful Tiki Lounge!